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Car accident on the street picture for insurance company

Uber Confessions – Weekend Wrap-Up

Not actual footage of my accident

I thought this weekend was going to be a very quick one as shortly after I got going, someone rear-ended me! Fortunately, it was a bumper kiss with just a little scuff so I was able to keep driving for the night, but what is it about the nice weather that makes people drive worse? Whenever the temperature hits 60 degrees in Boston, all the bad drivers come out of hibernation to cruise the streets and make driving in Boston even more of a nightmare.

With my weekend quest at 60 rides (!!!), I had a feeling there was no chance that I was going to complete it. Had I come close by Saturday night, I would have spent Sunday driving, but here I am blogging.

I decided to give it the ole ‘college try’ anyway and set off on Friday accepting just about every ride that came up – including the dreaded pool rides. My motivation to pick up pools ended around the second major intersection they put a passenger at which made me realize once again that Uber pools suck. I don’t know what it is about express pools but Uber really loves to put people in the worst possible situations for pickups. Is it a test? A joke? Either way, pools will be someone else’s problem the rest of the weekend.

Friday night started with a nice 10-minute pickup only to be canceled on just as I entered their driveway (although I did get a $5 fee from that, but it was a long trip so that hurt).  As the temp dropped, so did the distance of my trips and decided to call it a night after my 5th trip in a row under 2 miles.  Completed trips = 18

Saturday night started off great with a long trip into the city by a super fun couple who made the time fly. 30-minute trips can either feel like 10 minutes or 10 hours so fortunately, this was the former. I did some rounds of bringing the nooners home from the city and the night crowd back in. It was a super busy evening until around 9 pm when everyone was where they were going to be for the next few hours (either home or at the clubs/bars).

I did get a group of dudes from Ireland who blasted this weird music I’ve never heard before while screaming at each other while getting worked up on the way to the bar. I’m not sure if they were loud because they had to talk over the music or if they were fighting but I was glad when that ride ended. Side note – I officially cannot tell the difference between Scottish and Irish accents. Completed trips = 11

So there it is, my weekend in a nutshell. It was extremely uneventful and I didn’t come close to hitting my ride goal. How was your weekend?

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