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Uber Confessions – Shut Up And Enjoy The Ride

I’m going to talk about one of my biggest annoyances while driving and that is the backseat driver!

Now, I’m not talking about the person who gives occasional hints to the driver clearly outmatched by the city he or she is in. Something like that is fine and even happened to me last night. I was sitting behind a line of cars at a red light with the left lane open. Note – that’s how Boston rolls, btw. They let you drive up to the intersection before finally noticing in faded paint that the lane you’re in is a turn only lane – awesome. Anyway, my passenger was minding her own throughout most of the ride just let me know that I can pull up in the other lane and that was beautiful. Helpful and not overbearing or annoying.

No, the person I’m talking about is the person who insists they know the fastest way to get somewhere and will freak out if you don’t take their exact path. Newsflash: It’s likely not the fastest way. It may be the more convenient way, or something you’re used to, but it’s probably not the fastest. As annoying as it is to take 100 backroads to get somewhere, Waze is actually a really good app and does a fantastic job steering you away from traffic (something the backseat driver simply cannot do until you’re sitting in it).

I do notice that a large majority of backseat drivers are from the older generation who are used to looking at maps and going a certain way with as few turns as possible so they can remember the route easier, but simply having ‘your route’ doesn’t mean it’s the fastest. It is just the route you’re more comfortable with.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy to go any route you want. It’s your ride and I don’t give a shit if I have to go 10 miles out of the way to get where I’m going because I’m still getting paid for it. Just tell me that you like this particular route and don’t pretend it’s the ‘fastest’ way possible because it likely isn’t.

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