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Uber Confessions – Quick Stories From Drivers

I’ve been told a bunch of stories from Uber drivers in the community that are far too small to have their own story but I needed to share because they’re great!  On this page, I’ll keep updating this with comments from real Uber drivers sharing real stories from the road.

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Gross Messes

One of the top questions I receive as a driver is “Has anyone puked in your car??” Well, here are some stories of drivers who have had passengers expel bodily fluids


drunk uber
A seat after a drunk person decided to use it as a toilet


Kaia writes – “let’s just say when its that time of the month. It’s a bummer when not prepared”


Love Connection

If a passenger is not throwing up, pissing, or yelling at the driver, there is a good chance they’re getting dirty in the back. I’m not sure what it is about Uber rides that get people so turned on, but this is a super common situation

Katrina writes – “Had people start hooking up in my Uber Pool …. they didn’t even know each other.”


Fight Night

Whenever you have alcohol involved in anything, fights are eventually going to break out. These are some stories where passengers get violent with each other!

Don writes – “1 puker and 2 girls fighting, I got $150 for cleaning and $40 for the girls that let a mess in my car”  (I wonder if this was all the same ride??)


Don’t ever be this type of passenger 

While one could say puking or fighting in a car is bad enough, but driving around strangers can be a scary job and it’s always in the back of our heads if something bad is going to happen to us that night. These are stories where the drivers are assaulted or harassed. Basically, these are the stories where passengers should without a doubt lose their ability to ever rideshare again (and probably should be in jail in some cases)

“So this male passenger is in the front seat and while I’m driving at night at 70mph on a busy freeway, he proceeds to place his hand flat on my thigh and starts fondling me. I immediately go “Uuuugh… Hmm no…” And grab his hand and push it away.
And that’s when his wife, who was sitting in the back with their two children, grabs his hand and starts holding it so he doesn’t fondle me again.
Yes, I said two children, young teenagers. And the mom was in the back.” (source)


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