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Uber Confessions – Passenger Accuses Driver Of Drugging Her

So this story is straight out of the ‘fucked up’ files and I can’t wait to share it with you all! All names have been blocked out to protect the people involved.

Today I was browsing my Uber driver group and saw someone mention about a complaint he received from a passenger. He went on to explain how he makes homemade cookies for some reason and hands them out to his passengers who (mostly) seem to enjoy them. He started the night and gave a cookie to some girl who then immediately demanded he ends the ride and leaves his van.  Here is his official side of it…

Think about it for a minute. Some girl gets on her phone and connects to a stranger to get a ride somewhere. He picks her up in a van and proceeds to offer her homemade cookies which she accepts. I feel like this is the premise of all 90’s public service announcements on kidnapping, but apparently, it’s the new norm.

Back to the story … The girl claimed that after she ate the cookie, she immediately began to feel sick like she was going to pass out. She asked to stop the van which he allegedly refused (probably because they were on a highway?) before finally letting her out. She calls her landlord, goes home and passes out.

Now, I don’t know how, but people in the group managed to dig up her facebook page and apparently she shared her side of the story on a public post:

There you have it. Both stories are pretty consistent with the factual details of the event so it’s not clear if either person is lying from this. He claims that he immediately let her out while she claims he refused and then did some crazy breathing thing before letting her out.  Both claim he followed her although he says it was to see if she was okay.

What I don’t understand is how all of this happened in a span of 3 minutes. Here is a screenshot of the actual trip:

In 3 minutes and 51 seconds, this driver offered the girl a cookie, she took it and had at least one bite of it. Whatever was allegedly in the cookie apparently had an immediate effect on her which made her demand he stop the van and get out. I did a quick search and the well known “date rape drug” called Rohypnol takes around 10+ minutes to start having an impact and even longer before it fully kicks in. Assuming this guy actually did drug the cookie, he would have needed a drug stronger than Rohypnol for it to have an effect that quickly.

Note – large animals which are shot by tranquilizer darts often also take 10+ minutes for the effect to kick in.

After getting out, she calls her landlord for a ride home but rather than go to the ER or a walk-in clinic, she decided to go home and sleep before trashing the guy on Facebook.

This is where I’m going to speculate and this is completely my opinion on it – I think both sides are probably right, or at least think they are. Seeing as all this happened in less than 4 minutes, I really don’t believe she experienced a drugging which means the driver was probably right. However, one thing that does happen immediately and has very similar effects would be a panic attack and that would almost certainly happen once she heard the cookies were homemade and every Lifetime Movie she watched flashed in her head.   A panic attack can do a number on a person and make you feel like shit for quite a bit after, so it would also fit that she still felt bad by the time she got home.

Another note – In one of the replies, the driver said that he hands out cookies often and gave many more from that batch out that night with no complaints.

So, what do you think? Was she drugged? Was she lying? Or did she have something different like a panic attack?

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  1. She could have gotten a spiked drink at the bar or maybe near alcohol poisoning. I believe the driver. If she got a spike drink st the bar the timing would make more sense.

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