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Scumbag Rhode Island Airport Bans Uber Driver Pickups

(turnto10) According to a statement sent to NBC 10 by a spokesperson for Uber, “T.F. Green doubled an already high fee on Rhode Islanders who use ridesharing services at the airport, making it the highest fee at any airport in the country. For nearly a year, Uber has tried to work with the airport in order to come to a reasonable agreement that ensures that Rhode Island residents and visitors can get an affordable ride, but unfortunately, the airport has been unwilling to do so.”

If you’re planning on flying into Rhode Island any time soon, be prepared to get gauged by taxi cabs once again because the T.F. Green airport will be banning Uber drivers from doing pickups.

After already screwing passengers by charging them $6 for a pickup (compared to $1.50 for taxi cabs), Uber has been negotiating with the airport to lower the insanely high fee (which is highest in the country, almost double than Logan Airport in Boston). While the difference in the taxi and Uber rate is high, keep in mind that the money would have been made up after the first mile or two with overpriced cabs.

Here are some tips if you’re flying into Providence once the Uber ban takes effect:

  • Rent a car. Here is a link for Providence rental cars or feel free to search on your own for them. I’m not making any money from that link.
  • Stay at a hotel with a shuttle. I don’t want to list out the hotels with shuttles but I’m sure 90% of the hotels within a mile or two from the airport have them
  • Small taxi ride. Take a taxi cab down the street to maybe the Dunkin Donuts on Post Rd. Go in, have a coffee and a bagel then order an Uber from there to wherever you want to go.  Note – there is a good chance a taxi cab will not take you that small distance, but it’s worth a try. 

Whatever you do, do not take a taxi cab from Providence airport any longer than 2 miles. You may as well just burn your money.

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