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Message To Rappaport

Michael Rappaport – best known for being fired by Barstool Sports, screaming ridiculous shit into a camera at weird angles, and having supporting roles in terrible movies – has come out on the attack against Uber drivers in another weird Facebook video recently.

Look, I understand this guy is having a hard time after being publicly humiliated by the website Barstool Sports once they fired him for reasons too stupid to remember, but to take shots at the guys who drive your ass around?  Bad move. The only thing I wish to see now is a camera crew following him around like Curb Your Enthusiasm and watching the reaction he gets when he steps inside an Uber and tries to be friendly with the driver.  “Oh, you want to talk to me now?  My car doesn’t smell like an Israeli disco tech?  You get out of my car now and pay 4x as much for a taxi cab”

I will say, the part where he said: “you know where I’m going, it’s in your phone” was a chuckle moment. I’ll give him half a star for that joke but that’s about it. The rest of the video is garbage, just like his career.

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