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Uber Driver Sign Up Bonus For 2018

2018 is a great time to start earning some extra money and you can do just that with the Uber driver sign up bonus! After you determine if you are eligible to drive for Uber, you can sign up and begin earning money right away!

What is Uber?

Uber is the hottest rideshare app out there right now that is gaining in popularity by the day. It has become so popular, the name itself has become a verb! Someone could tell another person to just Uber somewhere and they’ll know exactly what they mean. The way it works is that you turn on your uber driver mobile app and just wait. When someone nearby needs a ride, your app will notify you and you can either accept or skip it. When you accept it, you simply pick the person up, confirm it is that person, and drive them to their destination. Your money immediately appears in your account and you can cash out right away which puts it directly into your bank!

What is the Uber Driver Sign Up Bonus?

After you pass your background checkhave an eligible car,  and are approved to drive for Uber, you can begin making money! Uber will guarantee that you make a certain amount of money (up to $1,250 depending on location!) and when you hit your first 50 rides, the money will be in your account! The Uber driver sign up bonus is a great way to ensure the money you deserve will be waiting for you when you hit your 50th ride

Does my car qualify for Uber?

That is a great question! The general rule of thumb is that your car must be able to pass inspection, seat up to 5 people (including yourself!), have safety belts for every person in the car, and be up to 15 years ago depending on the market. It should be in clean condition and be safe to drive. For more information, read our uber car qualification guide here.

Can I drive for Uber if I have a criminal record?

This is another frequent question asked by people and the answer is yes and no. The basic Uber guideline is that you must have a clean background check for the last seven years, but after that point, I’m sure the severity of your history will determine if you can drive or not. It is unlikely that you will be rejected if you have a small violation some ten years ago, but if you have a history of arrests, it’s unlikely you’ll qualify. You can read more information on the background check here.

How long does it take to claim my Uber driver sign up bonus?

Claiming your uber driver sign up bonus happens automatically and immediately when you hit your 50th ride. You don’t have to do anything as the bonus will automatically appear in your account and you can cash out and spend it that night!

What are you waiting for? Get out there and qualify for your sign up bonus!