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Am I Eligible To Drive For Uber?

Driving for Uber can be very profitable, but one of the main requirements in addition to having a car is passing their background check.

Uber has taken a bit of heat in the media over the last year or so for experiences related to both drivers and passengers. While these issues are typically extremely rare, the media does indeed make them sound far more frequent than they actually are. To avoid the bad press, Uber has been tightening up their background check system and requires you to essentially have a clean record.

These are their basic requirements to pass the background check

  • At least one year U.S. licensing history (if under 23 years old, must have at least three years licensing history)
  • A valid driver’s license and Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) that shows:
    • No major moving violations, such as DUIs or reckless driving, within the last seven years
    • No more than three minor moving violations in the past three years, such as speeding tickets or failure to obey traffic laws
    • A criminal record that does not include a conviction for a felony, violent crime, or sexual offense within the last seven years, among other things such as a registration on the U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public website.

Keep in mind, these are the standard requirements for Uber. Every state has their own rules which may even be tighter than these. In addition, demand for drivers may play a factor in being approved or not. For example, if the demand is extremely high, they will likely approve you if you pass all the minimum requirements. However, if the demand in the area is low, they may reject someone who has had a felony ten years ago.

Note – this is unconfirmed by Uber but it is a pretty logical theory.

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