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Does My Car Qualify For Uber?

Does my car qualify for uber?

One of the most asked questions is “does my car qualify for uber?”. This is a very good question because, despite what you may see from time to time, Uber does have requirements for your vehicle.

The cleanliness of your car, whether you supply water, a charging cord, etc are additional features that some drivers like to offer to improve the passenger experience. Despite this, those are not requirements for driving. Those are at the discretion of the driver to try and either gain tips or get a higher rating.

What is required are a few basic things (note, these may vary from city to city and I will do my best at adding information for each city when I can)

UberX Vehicle Requirements

UberX is essentially the ‘entry level’ program for driving. This will allow you to pick up anywhere from 1-4 passengers and it includes Pool and Express Pool.  The requirements for this are:

  • 4-Doors and must seat 5 total people (including the driver).
  • Working seatbelts for every passenger as well as the driver
  • Must be under 10-15 years old depending on the city you drive for. It’s typically 10 years but some markets extend that to 15
  • No commercial branding or taxi color paint jobs
  • No cosmetic damage or missing pieces
  • No large passenger vans or commercial/heavy duty trucks
  • Pass the vehicle inspection

UberXL Vehicle Requirements

UberXL is the next step up from UberX and the biggest difference is that it seats 1-6 passengers.  The car will also be able to pick up UberX riders as well, but you will be paid at the UberX rate when you do.  The requirements are:

  • Everything listed in the UberX requirements in addition to:
  • 4-Doors and must seat 7 total people (including the driver)
  • Seats in good condition and seatbelts for at least 7 people.

Most minivans are covered under UberXL, and there are also some SUVs if they have 3rd-row seating.  Again, the biggest difference between X and XL are the two additional seats

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