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Feelin’ Tipsy – California To Crack Down On Rideshare DUIs

In today’s version of ‘news that should already be common sense’, California is getting tougher on rideshare drivers who like to drink a few before hitting the road.


No, I am not upset at the news. Good on California for making a law about something that should already be obvious, but apparently that’s what we need to do these days. According to this article, starting July 1st, 2018, rideshare drivers who have a blood-alcohol level of .04 or higher will face DUI penalties when a passenger is in the car.

The current law is that you can drive with a blood-alcohol level of .08, which to me as a non-drinker means nothing. I’m going to assume that’s probably a beer or two or something depending on your height and weight, but it really becomes irrelevant as a rideshare driver. Let’s be honest, if you are out at the bar and have a few drinks, you should be calling Uber, not turning on your app to drive people home! I don’t personally have many rules for my Uber drivers when I’m a passenger, but one of them is to get me home safe and the other is to not smell like alcohol. It’s pretty simple.

While I’m on the topic, now that I have a blog, I’d like to put this out there so it can hopefully gain some traction. I think rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft should add money to their drivers’ accounts based on how much you drive. This means if you are a full-time Uber drive for instance, they will credit your rider account with enough money to take a $10-15 ride home every so often (part-timers get credit, too. Just not as fast obviously). To not only show their gratitude for the people who are wearing down their cars for them, but as a good PR move. Think about it. Uber and Lyft love to brag about driving drunks home, so why not also brag about how they make sure their own drivers are taken care of under the rare situations they need a ride somewhere?

I mean this company tosses out all these promos and gimmicks to get drivers to stick with their platform. It would only make sense to incentivize it enough where they stick to them as riders as well.

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