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Essential Items Needed When Driving For Uber

Driving for Uber can be fun, exciting, and profitable so long as you do it right. Part of doing it right means you have the right gear in your car to avoid as much downtime as possible.

Now, not all items on this list are completely essential, so I’ll let you know which items you absolutely need and which you can go without should you choose.  If you’re not already driving for uber, be sure to read my guide on everything Uber related here.

Cell Phone Holder

My pick: Suposun Universal Air Vent Car Phone Mount

This is a must-have for any Uber driver. It’s the first thing you buy because it’s the lifeblood of your operation. You can’t drive for Uber without a cell phone and it’s incredibly risky and dangerous to not have a proper mount for the phone.

I like this one because it attaches solidly to the air vent and sticks out a bit so it’s closer to the steering wheel which means you don’t have to lean too far ahead to touch your phone. I personally use a tablet as my primary source, but I still have this in my car so I can have my cell phone mounted as well.

Buy it here $9.96

Optional: Tablet holder

Cell Phone Charger

My pick: Anker Quick Charge 39W

A cell phone charger is just as essential as a mount because there is absolutely no way you can spend a few hours driving around and not have your phone die. I recommend the Anker because it is 39W so it can quick charge two Samsung phones at the same time.

How it works is that it can produce either 39W on a single port, or split 19.5W between the two ports if you use both. Based on the information here, the fastest Apple phone requires 29W of power which is a surprising amount. However, the Samsung fast charging only requires 18W which means this charger can fast charge two Samsung phones at the same time. You can opt for more power, but remember that a typical adapter outlet can produce around 180W before the fuse blows. Some cars have two outlets which should still be plenty to have two of these chargers with no problem. However, if you have something like a laptop in your car and have a 150W inverter in one of the slots, there is not a lot of wiggle room before your fuse blows.

The typical Uber driver is safe using one or two of these ports, but just keep in mind the limited power if you decide to add more electronics to your car.

Also, there are cheaper models available, but Anker is one of the top brands, so you may as well spend a few extra dollars and get the best

Buy it here:  $19.99


My pick: Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam

This is the camera I use in my car and have no complaints. Well, one. The size of the memory card is too small at 64 Gb. It fills up really quick, so I’m lucky to get a full day of driving in on one card. They do say you can use a 128 card, but it is not officially supported so if something goes wrong, they won’t offer support on it.

Why is a camera important? There are many reasons why you need a dash cam when driving for Uber, but safety pretty much covers most of those reasons. The front camera is very high quality and can help you with your insurance company if you get in an accident while driving. Word of mouth has nothing on actual video evidence. This is especially true if something strange happens like someone backing into you (that has happened to me). Insurance companies almost always fault the person from behind and when it comes to someone backing up, it’s your word against theirs. Unless you have a camera!

Dash cam accident
Click for full size

Here is an image of my accident. As you can see, the driver for some reason decided to go into reverse while I was waiting he hit me. Without this video, there would be zero proof that it was his fault. I shrunk this image down a little but this is the quality of the camera at dusk. That may be the worst time for quality as there is no sun but the sky is still blue, yet still looks great.

The interior camera is also fantastic as it’s night mode has infrared so even in complete darkness, you can see pretty well. This is extremely important for passengers who try to get free rides by claiming false information. Fortunately, that has not happened to me, but I do know of people who it has happened to. A dash cam puts a stop to that.

While you can get away with no having a camera, I’d put this on the essential list because if you’re a regular driver, you really need a camera.

Buy it here:  $199.99


Non-Essential Items

These items are important to have but are not a requirement. These are some of the items I have in my car at all times:

  • Trunk Organizer – This is handy to keep all your cleaning supplies together in your trunk. Many people throw luggage in your trunk, so having items scattered all over the place is not a good look
  • Wastebasket – Pretty self-explanatory, but this one is nice because it fits around your stick shift
  • Trash Bags – These are nice because they are the right size for the basket above and you can toss a roll in your glove box or in your trunk organizer
  • Puke Bags – An item you hope to never need but happy you have if you do.
  • Febreze – A part of driving is that you’ll deal with occasional passengers who have an unpleasant odor to them. Spray this when they leave so your next passengers don’t think it’s you that smells

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