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Breaking Down The Rate Change For Drivers

If you’re currently a rideshare driver, there is no denying you’re likely going through a rough patch right now. Markets are flooded with what feels like more drivers than passengers, mileage rates are being cut across the board, self-driving cars are always looming and ready to steal your jobs, and …

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Scumbag Rhode Island Airport Bans Uber Driver Pickups

(turnto10) According to a statement sent to NBC 10 by a spokesperson for Uber, “T.F. Green doubled an already high fee on Rhode Islanders who use ridesharing services at the airport, making it the highest fee at any airport in the country. For nearly a year, Uber has tried to …

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Message To Rappaport

Michael Rappaport – best known for being fired by Barstool Sports, screaming ridiculous shit into a camera at weird angles, and having supporting roles in terrible movies – has come out on the attack against Uber drivers in another weird Facebook video recently. Look, I understand this guy is having …

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Uber Confessions – Weekend Wrap-Up

I thought this weekend was going to be a very quick one as shortly after I got going, someone rear-ended me! Fortunately, it was a bumper kiss with just a little scuff so I was able to keep driving for the night, but what is it about the nice weather …

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